Flower Girl

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Flower Girl

Post by BARF GIRL on 14th October 2008, 2:28 pm

Flower Girl

Oh flower girl, don't go away
Will you please stop for a while?
There is someone behind you alone
Who started to dream about life,
All the compassion he saved in mind.

Oh flower girl, please listen
Can't you smile once again,
Someone got real love for you
Don't ask how it happened,
Answer is not able to open the mind.

Oh flower girl, don't be so cruel
While you know he is going mad,
Please stay for his life and love
You don't know how he strived
For you he can sacrifice this life.

Oh flower girl, you are the one
For whom he really cares,
He doesn't know why he fell
Can you drop your love, please tell
Only with you again he can step.

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